Cutting for Cancer

Cutting for Cancer

For twenty-five years I've let my hair grow long (as you can see). I've cut it half a dozen times during that span, if that. This year, I'm cutting it all off. And I do mean ALL, right down to stubble. I've never done that before. You might be asking yourself "why?"

I'm cutting my hair off for two reasons. First, to raise money for cancer research. Every year I take part in the Terry Fox Run (I walk though :) ) and I will be setting up a pledge form soon to collect donations. It's a worthy organization and the event is hosted by volunteers all across Canada.

Second, I didn't want to just throw away all my hair. There is a great organization called Wigs for Kids. They make wigs for children who are suffering from autoimmune diseases or undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. The thought of my hair being used in a wig to help a child feel better about their appearance brings me great joy.

Cancer has touched my life in numerous ways. Part of my life story inspired my book David's Summer. Donating my hair and raising money feels like the right thing to do.

Oh, and there will be video of the cutting! I can't do Facebook Live (sorry!) but I will upload a video of the event to YouTube afterward. I promise! :)

I'll keep you posted as the date draws near.

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