New series in the works

New series in the works

If you subscribe to my reader group, you already know that I've been working on something different. Something young adult and supernatural / paranormal. In my typical style, it's hard to define.

It's been a tough slog. On top of the pandemic, plus the recent forest fires and the civil unrest in the United States, my new series has been slow to come together. I work from home, and you'd think that writing during the pandemic would be no different than any other time. But it wasn't. Having the choice to leave the house taken away, even for a walk, affected me creatively. Now that we know more about how the pandemic works and spreads, I can get outside and get that physical activity that fuels my creativity.

In the initial stages of a book, I'm a plotter. I want to know where I'm going, and more importantly if where I'm going is actually worth writing about, before I commit to the writing. So I will be outlining all three books before tackling writing them. I have the first two books plotted out, but the third is being stubborn. I know the story will come, it always does, but it's talking a lot longer than I expected. The last thing I want to do is rush a book and deliver a sub-par story. And since this is a new genre for me, that's doubly important.

I'm not forgetting my other books, particularly my popular Detest-A-Pest series. If you subscribe to BookBub, you may have seen Vermin 2.0 featured recently. I broke sales records in September because of it. I may end up ping-ponging between books in this new series and additional books in the Detest-A-Pest universe.

Time will tell. I'm almost through the outline for book three of the new series. I've resorted to pen and paper in order to get away from the Internet and all its distractions, good and bad.

Thank you for your patience.

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