Where else can you preview 20% of an e-book before buying?

Preview a full 20% of my books

When you visit a brick and mortar bookstore, it's commonplace to pick up an interesting book, flip through it, and read some of it to make sure you'll enjoy it. We've come to expect that. For online retailers, many offer the same ability for e-books, with varying degrees of success.

ExclusivelyΒ at my bookshop youΒ canΒ read a full 20% of a book before purchasing it. Often it's more than 20% because ending a sample in the middle of a chapter is just plain wrong.

You won't find a sneak peek that big at any other e-book retailer.

Just click on the "Read e-book sample instantly" button and enjoy.

Click to read a 20% preview sample instantly.

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