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Noah's Noodles (Kindle & EPUB)

Noah's Noodles (Kindle & EPUB)

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A slippery story of food and fun!

As all parents know, mealtime is an adventure for kids, especially during the early years. And by adventure, I really mean an explosion of food. Written in rhyme, Noah's Noodles will appeal to any child who loves food adventures. Noah's Noodles captures one particular meal in an amusing and visually entertaining way.

I wrote and illustrated this book based on true events. Do they ring true for you?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

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Format: eBook (EPUB or MOBI)
Publisher: Frankenscript Press
Publication Date: 18 November 2012
ISBN: 9780991849802
Genre: Imagination & Play, Stories in Verse, Read-Along, Humourous Stories
Audience: Juvenile (Child 0-12)
Pages: 20

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