Lucid Bodies (Dreamwaker #1) is available in e-book and paperback. 408 pages.

It's release day for Lucid Bodies

An open book waiting to be read. JULY 10, 1986At that moment under the car, it was hard to tell what was worse, the acrid smell of burning rubber or the searing heat blasting from the engine’s undercarriage. Somehow Wynter had escaped the wheels of the black car as it barreled over her.

With her cheek pressed to the hot asphalt, she watched the car’s taillights burn red as it screeched to a stop. Wynter looked back and saw the boy again, blond and blue-eyed, but this time he was running, or trying to. The road moved under his feet like a treadmill. He was always too far away and going nowhere.

The boy finally reached toward her just as the car’s wheels began to squeal once more. Wynter returned her gaze to the car to see billows of blue-gray smoke pouring out from the back wheels, the car accelerating in reverse toward her. She tried to move but her body refused to obey. In her mind she screamed as the car rolled back over her a second time...

It took me just over a year to write the first draft of the Dreamwaker Saga. And it was a blast! Hands down, it was the best use of my time during a pandemic lock-down. Now you can enjoy the saga as it rolls out over the next few months.

Lucid Bodies, book one of the Dreamwaker Saga, is available now.

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408 pages of reality-bending fun.

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