Stack of Lee's paperbacks.

Paperbacks are now available

You can now buy paperbacks directly from my bookshop. This has been a long-standing goal in my journey to offer an alternative to the "massive corporations."

The books will be printed in the UK. As a result, shipping times may be a little longer to some locations. Butย cutting out the middle-man has given me the freedom toย make my paperbacks available at a lower price than the "massive corporations."

Selling direct has also allowed me to bundle paperbacks together and offer a further discount. So it's really a win-win, as long as you're okay with slightly longer shipping times.

Clicking on "Books" in the main menu reveals my list of collections. Each collection can beย filtered to display only my paperbacks to help makeย choosing a book easier.

How to filter collection results.

While you can't preview a paperback, you can preview 20% of the e-book version.

Please note: I won't turn my back on the "massive corporations" entirely. My books are still available through these retailers.ย My end goal is to get my books into your hands. Selling direct helps me earn a living wage.

Thank you!

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