Saga reaches 170K and a contest

Saga reaches 170K and a contest

I have some good news (and a contest you could win!) As we head towards fall, I am on track to finish the first draft of my three-book saga by the end of February 2022.

The longest book I have ever written was Arachnid 2.0, which published at 135,000 words. That milestone took me 14 months. With my new saga, I have been writing Monday through Friday since the middle of January, representing about eight months of work (or 162 actual working days.) My wordcount has surpassed 170,000 words. I am confident that I will finish on track with three books averaging ~100,000 words each (that's the goal, anyway.) And the story's really cooking along, too. Super happy about that.

I am thinking about... no scratch that. I WILL be running a contest leading up to the finish of my first draft of the three books. Guess my final word count and I will send you the complete three-book saga in paperback form, signed, just for you.Β [Update: Contest closed on July 31, 2022] I'm going to be dropping clues in my reader group, so if you would like to be kept informed, be sure to sign up. By the way, my reader group updates areΒ about as non-salesy as you can get.

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