Arachnid 2.0 is live

Arachnid 2.0 is live

Arachnid 2.0

There were times when I didn't think I would ever finish this book. But I did and it's online right now.

It blows my mind that my book Vermin 2.0 would go on to be popular enough to warrant a second book. But that's what my readers were telling me. After I wrote Vermin 2.0, I went on to write two more novels in completely different genres, before returning with a second book in the series, Arachnid 2.0. I guess you could say I was testing the waters; what did I enjoy writing and did my readers enjoy the same?

Part of the danger with being a multi-genre writer is I am always forging new ground, never quite sure if what I'm writing will work out or not. But it will always be a subject I enjoy or find fascinating or engaging. Otherwise, why write it?

Some argue that writing to trend is the best way to become successful, and that is true for many. For me, I can't craft or write a story fast enough to stay on trend, so I write what I like to read.

Arachnid 2.0 follows close after where Vermin 2.0 ends. It is better to read them in order but it is not necessary. The story centers around Bradley, Sam's son, and how he develops into a unique young man. And of course there's flesh-eating spiders... lots of them. There are a few new characters, but the core of the Detest-A-Pest crew, O'Connor and Sam, are back.

I hope you pick up a copy.

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I am currently working on the paperback edition and anticipate it going live in the first weeks of October 2019.

And one other thing. I do listen, too. I am working on the third installment in the Detest-A-Pest series now! :)

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