It's release day for Lucid Revenge

It's release day for Lucid Revenge

An open book waiting to be read. JULY 27, 1986 • Cash’s body slouched uncomfortably against orange vinyl cushions cracked at the seams and worn smooth by past visitors. The chair, and Wynter’s hospital room, had become his home away from home since she had arrived at Halston Medical Center two days ago.

His arm lay stretched across the armrest, his right hand on her left. The need to hold her hand or touch her skin was always there, even though the nurses said it wouldn’t make any difference.

“Wynter has suffered a mild traumatic brain injury,” Cash had heard the doctor tell Nolan and Madeline during the wee hours of Saturday morning, only hours after Wynter fell from the 19th Street Bridge. They had many questions for the doctor and Cash had tried to eavesdrop without appearing obvious about it. From what he was able to piece together, parts of Wynter’s brain had shut down in order to heal. She was breathing on her own, which was a good sign, and she showed brain activity, specifically the occasional sleep-wake cycle, which was good but highly unusual. Cash wondered if Ransom was in her head with her, taking care of her.

He better be...

Book two of the Dreamwaker Saga is out, folks! Right on schedule. If you're just discovering the books, it will be another 60 days until book three is out. What a way to end the year.

Lucid Revenge, book two of the Dreamwaker Saga, is available now. 

Preview the first 20% instantly.

Join in and break the barrier between dreams and reality.

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