First draft of book two finished

First draft of book two finished

Great news! I just finished draft one of book two of my new three book saga, despite the kidney stone. Wait, what?

Yup. You read that right. My body decided to celebrate the Autumn Equinox by throwing a kidney stone at me. I tried my best to write through the pain, but in the end, the stone won out. I lost a week of writing time as I passed what turned out to be a 4mm calcium oxalateย stone. The experience turned my life on its ear and I'm making a lot of dietary changes so I never have to experience that kind of agony again. This includes drinking at least two litres of water daily, spread out over the day.ย The bright side: my kidney stone was relatively small, smooth, and round. It looked a little like an alien seed pod. For those out there who have had larger or sharperย stones (or both - ack!),ย you have my sincere sympathy.

The word count for books one and two are hovering aroundย 191,500 words. By next week, I'll be starting book three, which I always find the hardest. But once the writing starts, it's hard to stop. At my current writing pace, I should have the first draft of all three books done by the end of February. I can't wait.

Regarding the word count prize, if you've been paying attention you'll know that I'll be giving away a signed signed copy of all three paperbacks once they're ready. The best place to find updates will be in my reader group updates, so be sure toย sign up if you would like to be kept informed.

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