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There’s something patrolling the cerulean Hawaiian shoreline...

Something relentless and unforgiving.

And once the curse is unleashed,
there’s no going back.

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Lee with a stack of his most recent paperback novels. He proud of the novels he's written.


My name is Lee. In a past life, I worked in visual effects for film and TV. I made the switch to writing books in 2016 and never looked back.

I'm a multi-genre writer (and reader). There's so many interesting stories to be told (and read), I can't commit to just one genre. I've written horror, comedy, and fantasy, including the popular Detest-A-Pest series and the Dreamwaker Saga.

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Lee is a multi-genre writer. He writes the kind of stories he loves to read.

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Collage of the three main characters of the Dreamwaker Saga: Wynter, Cash, and Jezebel.

Dreamwaker Saga

Friends and enemies. Betrayal and revenge. Love triangles... and squares. Take a step back into the past, where dreams become real, friends become lovers, and the consequences are deadly.

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Collage of the various monstrous pests that the Detest-A-Pest crew battle.

Detest-A-Pest Series

Whether it's super-intelligent rats, genetically-enhanced spiders, or blood-thirsty mutants, nothing gets under the skin of the Detest-A-Pest crew. Join the battle, won't you?

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Collage of various book covers from the standalone collection: David's Summer, Snipped: A Cutting Comedy, and Tied: A Street Gang Novel.

Standalone books

What are you in the mood for? Tear-jerking family drama? Laugh-out-loud romantic comedy? Pulse-pounding action? There's something for everyone.

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