Where to find paperbacks?

My paperbacks exist, they really do! Take a look.

I am in the process of setting up paperbacks for direct order, but it will take time. I don't want you to wait and you don't have to. There are several options you can take right now to get your hands on one of my paperbacks.

  1. At the bottom of every e-book description in my bookshop, there is detailed information about that book, including the important ISBN  number. I also include a link to the e-book's paperback offerings. It looks like this:
    Link to paperbacks.
    You can also visit my website for a list of all paperbacks and where to buy them. It looks like this:
    Links to other retailers.
  2. Ask your local bookstore to order you in a copy. My paperbacks are available worldwide. Please click LeeGabel.com/libraries-bookstores/ for more information.

  3. Ask your local library to order a copy of the book for their collection. Please click LeeGabel.com/libraries-bookstores/ for more information.

Soon this will not be an issue. In the mean time, I hope you find the paperback you are looking for. If you like, it be sure to review it.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I answer every email I receive.

With thanks,