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Lucid Bodies, Dreamwaker Saga #1 (Hardcover)

Lucid Bodies, Dreamwaker Saga #1 (Hardcover)

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Format: Hardcover
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Dreamwakers are like fire… they burn when they’re hot. And some are a living nightmare.

Summer, 1986. By accident, sixteen-year-old Wynter discovers her power to summon dreamwakers — people born from dreams that exist in physical form. Her friends have trouble believing her power exists, until she makes herself a boyfriend.

But dreamwakers come with rules and free will… and everyone knows teenagers and rules don’t mix. Before Wynter can figure them out, her new boyfriend goes rogue and hooks up with Jezebel, the town bully.

Every day Wynter and her dreamwaker remain apart chips away more of her life force. Her friends help her wage a battle of brains versus brawn… but Jezebel has the luck of the devil on her side.

Navigating between dreams and reality is harder than it looks, and the fight may leave Wynter a prisoner of her own mind.

Friends and enemies. Betrayal and revenge. Love triangles... and squares. Take a trip into the past, where the line between dreams and reality blurs, friends become lovers, and the consequences can be deadly. Raise your fists because these villains deserve a punch in the face.

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Book Data (for book nerds like you and me)

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Frankenscript Press
Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781738743636

  • Contemporary Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Coming of Age

Audience: Trade/General (Adult)
Pages: 410

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Customer Reviews

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Really good writing

Loved the book. Lots of cool scenarios. Enjoyed the entire book. Some unexpected character and plot twists