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Vermin 2.0: Hunger Pains, Detest-A-Pest #1 (Paperback)

Vermin 2.0: Hunger Pains, Detest-A-Pest #1 (Paperback)

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An infestation of supersized vermin with a hunger for raw meat? CHECK.

An estranged son staying for the summer? CHECK.

An intense fear of rats? DOUBLE-CHECK.

Sam Shaw’s life has flipped upside down. Pets and tenants in his Bronx brownstone begin to disappear. Left behind is a wake of carnage.

All evidence points to a hybrid colony of vicious white-tailed rats that has moved into the basement – genetically superior with intelligence to match.

When his ex-wife dumps his son Bradley on his doorstep, Sam must switch into protection mode, if his son will let him.

Faced with impossible odds, Sam hires Bertha O’Connor from Detest-A-Pest Exterminators Inc. She runs the only outfit brave enough – or crazy enough – to take the job.

With help from the Detest-A-Pest crew, Sam must face his fears or the white-tailed mutants will eat him alive. Because this horde of super-rats are smarter than anyone had bargained for...

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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Frankenscript Press
Publication Date: 1 May 2017
ISBN13: 9780991849840
ISBN10: 0991849841
Genre: Horror, Action & Adventure, Genetic Engineering
Audience: Trade/General (Adult)
Pages: 306

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I read with my feet off the floor

A real intense, enjoyable read. I have read all three of these thrillers and, while I wait for #4, (that I hear is in the works) I have picked up Mr. Gabel's other books!!


Sam is afraid of rats. Now his building is full of them. Can he face his fears?

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